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Callison PTA is a membership organization. Members make it possible for PTA to serve the children and community that is our school. A strong membership is essential if PTA is to be a force in decisions involving the welfare and education of children. Membership is open, without discrimination, to anyone who believes in and supports the Mission and Purposes of PTA. And the number one reason you should join Callison PTA is to benefit your child. Here are 7 more reasons to join: 


  1. To better understand the school system. Many parents see PTA as their connection between home and school, keeping them informed of school events and policies. Joining PTA allows them to work more closely with teachers and gives them better insight to activities and workings of the school.

  2. To get to know other parents. PTA allows parents to get to know and interact with the parents of their children’s friends. Meeting other parents who are involved in the school helps parents feel more a part of their child’s education.

  3. To play a part in decisions that affect children. Joined with a network of more than 6 millions members, parents’ voices are heard concerning issues that affect all children.

  4. To be a positive volunteer role model for kids. By joining PTA, parents are showing children that they believe in education and that school is important. It also provides ways for parents and their children to volunteer together.

  5. To engage in partnerships with school administration and staff. PTA regularly distributes newsletters that offer members the opportunity to be aware of and respond to school issues and activities.

  6. To build lasting friendships. PTA events provide a forum to establish long-term friendships with people who have common goals.

  7. To belong. Being a PTA member is a way to be included in a productive, organized group that can affect change.


When you join Callison PTA, you’re teaming up with millions of others who are actively helping to improve the education, health, and well-being of all children. PTA is the one voice that unites parents, schools, and communities for every child. By becoming a Callison PTA member, you’ll be demonstrating to your child the importance you place on education. Membership is only $7 per year, per person. Your membership includes Callison PTA, Texas PTA, and National PTA memberships. The number one reason to join your PTA is to support your school and your students.

Benefits for PTA members at Callison include:
*Free Popcorn at Every PTA Event

*Member only Giveaways


Through your membership you can also receive exclusive offers and discounts.​


Visit the Texas PTA and National PTA websites for more information on member benefits. If you have not received your membership card, please contact the VP of Membership.